Kristin Scott Thomas Receives Damehood


Kristin Scott Thomas received damehood at Buckingham Palace on Thursday. Dame Thomas is set to take over the role of Queen Elizabeth in the production The Audience from Dame Helen Mirren in April. The Queen warned her that it will be a “challenge” to play her.

[Sunday Express]

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Prince Harry Launches 1,000 Walk Across Britain

On Wednesday, Prince Harry met with wounded service personnel set to walk 1,000 miles around Britain later this year. Walk of Britain was created to help spread awareness about the charity, Walking with the Wounded, which supports injured service men and women into independence.


“Employment is the key to independence and long-term stability for our wounded.” – Prince Harry (@supportthewalk)


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Duchess of Cambridge Visited Brookhall Children’s Centre on Wednesday


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, paid a visit to Brookhall Children’s Centre in Woolwich, London on Wednesday morning. She was there to learn more about the charity, Home-Start. Home-Start provides resources to help families build better lives for their children. See more from POPSUGAR!

While the Duchess was at Brookhall, Prince William observed the Queen meeting with the Ambassadors of Nicaragua and Austria at Buckingham Palace. A taste of his future!


[Feature photo: Getty]

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Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 50 Years of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust


The Queen and Prince Philip hosted the 50th Winston Churchill Memorial Trust reception at Buckingham Palace tonight. Per an article in the Telegraph, the trust was “set up in 1965 as Sir Winston Churchill’s living legacy to help give people the opportunity to travel overseas to study areas of topical and personal interests”. See more here.

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Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Arrive Stateside


Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, landed in Washington DC yesterday and spent today touring US memorials. They visited the Lincoln and MLK Jr. memorials where they were joined by American civil rights leaders, Jesse Jackson and congressman John Lewis. They were also given a tour of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.


Prince Charles also spoke at an environmental conference where he called on governments and businesses to stop dumping plastics into the ocean, while the Duchess of Cornwall paid a visit to the Shakespeare Theater Company.


Tomorrow the royal couple will meet with President Obama at the White House.


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Prince Harry Confirms Speculation That He Will Be Leaving the Armed Forces


After 10 years in the armed forces, Prince Harry announced via Kensington Palace that he will end his active duty as June 2015. He remains undecided about his next steps and as usual there is lots of speculation!

If Prince William isn’t ready to become a full-time royal, I doubt Prince Harry is. There is lots of chatter about him hoping to avoid same mistakes that his brother made – not too sure what those mistakes are but apparently settling (down) and starting a family before being ready is one of them.

He is very involved with charities, including his African-based one focusing on helping orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho, and takes great pride in his work with wounded soldiers. One can only imagine that he will take on an even greater role within these causes along with others.

Prince Harry will spend four weeks with the Australian Defense Force and then embark on a tour of New Zealand before wrapping up active duty in June.
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Source @kensingtonpalace 

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