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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit Christchurch on Monday

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to Christchurch on Monday – their last visit in New Zealand. They once again put their competitiveness on display again as they played in a cricket match to promote the 2015 Cricket World Cup. See pics below!


Photo Danny Martindale/WireImage


Photo Phil Noble/Reuters


Photo Danny Martindale/WireImage


Photo Martin Hunter/Getty Images


Photo Joseph Johnson/Getty Images)

[The Telegraph] [Digital Spy]

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Prince William’s comment to Cynthia Read, who made the lace shawl that was New Zealand’s gift to Prince George on his birth, has set off rumors of a second baby on the way! First it was reported that he told her – “You might have to make another one soon” then it was quickly changed to – “You might have to another one sometime”. Needless to say, considering how sick the Duchess of Cambridge got when pregnant with George and the fact that they are on an almost month-long trip with wine tastings and activities not advised for pregnant women (the ride on the Shotover jet!), it is highly unlikely that that the Duchess is pregnant.

The Cambridges spent Sunday night in a private luxury lodge, without George, with spectacular views of surrounding lakes and mountains.

Here are some pictures from their wine tasting event and their ride on the Shotover…..

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article-2603524-1D11246400000578-990_964x1257 article-2603524-1D1118B500000578-543_964x1239 article-2603524-1D10FBF900000578-761_964x685 article-2603524-1D10DF8300000578-512_964x644 article-2603524-1D10D44900000578-841_964x642 article-0-1D10D45500000578-672_964x641 article-2603524-1D110F5300000578-180_964x628 article-2603524-1D10F89B00000578-646_964x661 article-2603524-1D11148D00000578-809_470x423 article-2603524-1D11144700000578-698_470x423

[Daily Mail] [news.com.au]

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Vindicated! Prince William’s Rugby Team Wins!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the morning at a children’s rugby tournament, where Prince William’s team comfortably beat the Duchess’ group of youngsters. Prince William felt vindicated after losing in yachting to his wife earlier this week, as he looked over at her afterwards and said “next time, next time”.

article-2603420-1D10596400000578-53_470x748 article-2603420-1D107F3800000578-359_470x748 article-2603420-1D1056AE00000578-431_964x712 article-2603420-1D1081C300000578-126_964x851 article-2603420-1D107F3000000578-255_470x658 article-2603420-1D108D0400000578-931_964x641

Before heading over to the rugby tournament, the couple attended a Palm Sunday church service.

article-0-1D0FE3D900000578-967_964x632 article-2603420-1D10641300000578-735_964x716


Photo AFP


Photo AFP

[Daily Mail] [news.com.au]

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Solo Engagements Start the Day for the Cambridges on Saturday


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a busy Saturday…starting  with solo engagements, they wrapped up the day together opening the National Cycling Centre of Excelled “Avantidrome” in Cambridge.

According to Rebecca English of the Daily Mail (@RE_DailyMail), the Duchess told someone in the crowd while she liked her green coat that Prince William felt it was “a bit bright”.

The Duchess visited Rainbow Place Children’s Hospice in Hamilton, where she made some kids very happy….while the Duchess of Cambridge visited the hospice, Prince William paid a visit to Pacific Aerospace.

article-0-1D0B2CF800000578-801_964x697 article-0-1D0B2B4B00000578-114_964x565 article-2603014-1D0B325300000578-58_964x990

Here are some pictures from their engagement at the velodrome:

article-2602953-1D0B3AC400000578-404_964x673 article-2602953-1D0B419C00000578-42_964x699

Another gift for Prince George

Another gift for Prince George

article-2602953-1D0B671A00000578-713_964x1476 article-2602953-1D0B08A900000578-382_964x1018

[DailyMail] [E! News]

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The Cambridges Unveil New Queen Elizabeth II Portrait in NZ

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II at the Government House in Wellington on Thursday evening. The Duchess looked radiant in a Jenny Packham dress which was hand stitched with silver beading to represent New Zealand’s national emblem – a silver fern. Check out pictures below!

article-2601303-1CFD7E7000000578-436_470x625 article-2601303-1CFCFBD500000578-84_964x741 article-2601303-1CFCFB7800000578-214_470x686 article-2601303-1CFD1BA000000578-654_964x631 article-2601303-1CFD203400000578-937_964x684 article-2601303-1CFCFC6C00000578-223_964x636 article-2601303-1CFCD39F00000578-267_964x640 article-2601303-1CFD250200000578-491_964x617 article-2601303-1CFCD3BB00000578-48_964x988


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Prince George’s First Official Public Engagement…

….thousands miles away from home with a bunch of strangers with cameras surrounding. The little prince might as well start getting used it now. The little Cambridge stole hearts, and toys, today during his appearance at the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society at the Government House in Wellington. 

article-2600284-1CF448CD00000578-921_964x983 article-2600284-1CF4698200000578-590_964x620 article-2600284-1CF4322E00000578-381_964x689 article-2600284-1CF43E5000000578-250_964x1381 article-2600284-1CF47D3B00000578-422_964x1117 article-2600284-1CF482C700000578-989_964x1351



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Cambridges Arrive at Government House for Plunket Engagement

Photo courtesy of Mark Mitchell

Photo courtesy of Mark Mitchell

The Cambridges arrived at the Government House in Wellington ahead of their engagement with the Plunket Society (21:36 Boston on Tuesday, 13:36 Wellington on Wednesday). According to Max Foster at CNN, a royal source has stated that the Duke and Duchess are in good spirits and spent the earlier part of the day relaxing at Wharekauhau Lodge. More to come tomorrow morning!

Wharekauhau Lodge

Wharekauhau Lodge


[New Zealand Herald] [@MaxFosterCNN]



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