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Prince William’s comment to Cynthia Read, who made the lace shawl that was New Zealand’s gift to Prince George on his birth, has set off¬†rumors of a second baby on the way! First it was reported that he told her –¬†“You might have to make another one soon” then it was quickly changed to – “You might have to another one sometime”. Needless to say, considering how sick the Duchess of Cambridge got when pregnant with George and the fact that they are on an almost month-long trip with wine tastings and activities not advised for pregnant women (the ride on the Shotover jet!), it is highly unlikely that that the Duchess is pregnant.

The Cambridges spent Sunday night in a private luxury lodge, without George, with spectacular views of surrounding lakes and mountains.

Here are some pictures from their wine tasting event and their ride on the Shotover…..

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