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Vindicated! Prince William’s Rugby Team Wins!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the morning at a children’s rugby tournament, where Prince William’s team comfortably beat the Duchess’ group of youngsters. Prince William felt vindicated after losing in yachting to his wife earlier this week, as he looked over at her afterwards and said “next time, next time”.

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Before heading over to the rugby tournament, the couple attended a Palm Sunday church service.

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Photo AFP


Photo AFP

[Daily Mail] [news.com.au]

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Spotted: Prince Harry and Cressida at Rugby Match!

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas were spotted today at Twickenham Stadium watching a rugby matched between England and Wales.

Photo Courtesy of REX

Photo Courtesy of REX

Photo Courtesy of REX

Photo Courtesy of REX


[Daily Express]

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Prince Harry Attends England v. Australia Rugby Match!

Photo Courtesy of REX USA/Andrew Fosker/Seconds Left/Rex

Photo Courtesy of REX USA/Andrew Fosker/Seconds Left/Rex

Prince Harry was spotted at the first match of the QBE International games in London today. The 29-year-old cheered on Team England at Twickenham Stadium as they faced off against Australia. Prior to the match, he delivered a good luck message to the team saying, “Make sure you win every single one of them. You’re going to have all the support here. You’re going to have 80,000 people in this fantastic stadium so yeah, best of luck, make the most of it….Everyone is behind you and hopefully, the stadium will be filled with white shirts…Let’s bring it home. Let’s make it happen!

Prince Harry is patron of the Rugby Football Union.

Source: E! News



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