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Duchess of Cornwall Opens New Fertility Clinic

The Duchess of Cornwall opened a new Poundbury fertility clinic in London yesterday, February 6th. See the Dorset Echo article for details.

Source: dorsetecho.co.uk

Source: dorsetecho.co.uk

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“Holding Him Like This Reminds Me of George” Says Camilla at Hospital Opening

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, accompanied Prince Charles to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s opening of their new pediatric facility today. Both royals appeared to be in good spirits as they toured the facility and met with patients and families.

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[Daily Mail]

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Dogs Invade St. James’s Palace!

Photo courtesy of Getty

Photo courtesy of Getty

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall met three  Labrador retrievers from Medical Detection Dogs today, one of the world’s leading organizations in using animals  to help identify serious illnesses, such as cancer.  The dogs demonstrated their skills for the royal couple by detecting samples with prostate cancer and a kidney tumor. The Duchess is a patron of the charity.

Photo Courtesy of Getty

Photo Courtesy of Getty


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Annual Pre-Christmas Lunch Held at Buckingham Palace Today

The Queen hosted her annual pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace today. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in attendance with conflicting reports as to whether or not Prince George joined the festivities. The most notable absence from the gathering was Prince Harry who is on his way back to the UK after his South Pole trek.

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article-2525832-1A2E53C000000578-516_964x652 Picture by Mark Richards-The Queen's pre Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. article-2525832-1A2E532900000578-260_470x423


[Daily Mail] [People]

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Happy Birthday Prince Charles!

Photo courtesy The Telegraph

Photo courtesy The Telegraph

Prince Charles celebrated his 65th birthday abroad today and it was not without excitement…According to the Mirror, the heir to the throne got a little too close to a giant temple oil burner lit with 65 lamps in his honor. An aide quickly put the flame out as Prince Charles quipped, “How quickly did you put me out?”


Photo courtesy of Getty

Camilla also offered a somewhat candid interview to mark the Prince’s birthday where she described life with the royal as “exhausting”. Here is a snip it from The Telegraph article:

She [Camilla] also described the agonies she has gone through trying to find suitable presents for him, saying he is “hopeless” to buy for, and ends up writing detailed lists of what he wants “so you get it exactly right”.

 In her most revealing interview to date, the Duchess’s enduring love for her husband shines through, despite admitting that his many passions can make him frustrating to live with….

Is he someone who does not like to celebrate birthdays?

“No, actually, he does quite like celebrating,” she replied. “He quite likes birthdays. He said it was really nice in New Zealand last year when everyone gave him a bit of a party. He likes people giving him a cake, a bit of a sing song. Some of us go a different way, but he quite likes it.

“The thing is that he is not going to stop at this age. He never, ever stops working. He’s exhausting. No matter what the day, he is always working.

“I am hopping up and down and saying, ‘Darling do you think we could have a bit of, you know, peace and quiet, enjoy ourselves together’. But he always has to finish something.

“He is so in the zone. You are outside, but he is always there in the zone, working, working, working.”

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