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Lupo Not Invited to Sandringham for Christmas?

Prince William and Kate Middleton with Lupo-1562119

Word on the street is that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dog, Lupo, was not invited to be a part of the holiday festivities in Sandringham this year. According to Cindy Stockman of Royal Central blog, it appears that the Queen, concerned about the playful nature of the the cocker spaniel versus the territorial and slightly unpredictable temperament of her corgis, decided it was best if Lupo went to spend Christmas with the Middletons in Berkshire.

The Queen’s corgis have a history of run-ins with other family pets, including Princess Beatrice’s Norfolk terrier, Max, and Princess Anne’s bullterrier, Dotty. Dotty unfortunately injured the Queen’s dog, Pharos, so badly that he had to be put down the next day.

Stockman went on to write, “perhaps Lupo will be allowed to join in the holiday merriment someday. Hoey (author Brian Hoey) writes; ‘As Duke of Cambridge, William recently said, perhaps only half-jokingly, that one of the changes he will make when he eventually succeeds to the throne is to get rid of the corgis. ‘They bark all the time,’ he said, but not within hearing distance of his grandmother. Of course, he would never do or say anything to upset her during her lifetime, but there may have been more than a little truth in what he said.'”

Kate Middleton with Lupo-1562118

Here is a clip from the royals’ appearance at Christmas…the Duchess of Cambridge comments on Prince George and Lupo!

Royal Central ]    [ The Barking Bugle ]

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Happy Birthday Savannah Phillips!

The Queen’s first great-grandchild, Savannah Phillips, turns 3 today! Here are some photos of her watching Prince William and Prince Harry play in their Christmas Eve football match in Sandringham.

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[ Daily Mail ]



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Celebrations Begin at Sandringham!

The Queen and Prince Philip greeted well-wishers as they arrived for a Sunday church service at St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham village. As mentioned in an earlier post, other members of the royal family will begin arriving this week.

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[Daily Mail]



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The Queen and Duke Edinburgh Arrive at Sandringham for Christmas



The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have arrived in Sandringham for the Christmas holiday. They surprised passengers and took the 10:44 train from London’s King Cross to Kings Lynn. All of the other senior royals, including the Cambridges, are expected to join the monarch in the next few days.



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