Prince William Arrives at Cambridge

Photo courtesy of Enigma

Photo courtesy of Enigma

Prince William traveled by train today from London to Cambridge to begin his bespoke course at St. John’s College at Cambridge University. His 10 week course is designed to him prepare in his future role as Prince of Wales in charge of the 763 million pound, 130,000 acre Duchy of Cornwall estate. While he has been given on campus housing, he is expected to take the 45 minute train ride daily from Kensington Palace.

His decision to attend Cambridge has not been without criticism; students have claimed that the Prince’s A-Level results of A, B, and C did not make him qualified to attend the prestigious university. The Prince went on to achieve a 2:1 in geography at St. Andrews in 2005.

As expected, the university has denied giving Prince William any special treatment and have insisted that his course is one of many designed by the sustainability leadership program for senior company executives and others willing to pay.

Photo courtesy of Getty

Photo courtesy of Getty


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  1. ihavethemoon says:

    We need to get on that train!

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