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“I sometimes forget I am pregnant!” Says Duchess of Cambridge


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, made two stops in Margate today – one to the Turner Contemporary followed by a visit to the town’s Resort Studios. The Duchess commented to a well-wisher that Prince George is busy “running around” and that she sometimes even forgets that she is pregnant! For more pictures from the day, see the Daily Mail.

The Duchess, due in a few weeks time, looked as trim as ever in her Hobbs Dalmatian coat. This coat is a fan favorite repeat from when she was pregnant with Prince George. Lots of chatter about how thin she appears for being almost ready to pop!

Photo credit: Getty Images

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 2013 – Photo credit: Getty Images

Feature photo is of the Duchess viewing an installation at Turner Contemporary called “Drowned Man”.

[Quote source: E! News]

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