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Prince Harry Finally On His Way to Antarctica!

After a delay due to inclement weather, Prince Harry and the rest of the group were able to fly to Russia’s Novolazarevskaya Station on Antarctica. The group will stay there for a few nights to acclimate before beginning the trek itself.



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Prince Harry Makes Stop in Cape Town Ahead of Race to South Pole

Prince Harry and his teammates landed in Cape Town today for a brief stay before their 16-day charity race to the South Pole. Teams from Britain, the United States, and the Commonwealth will take off tomorrow for an air base near Russia’s Novolazarevskaya Station. Prince Harry is a patron of Walking With the Wounded, a charity which raises money to retrain injured troops and to help them acclimate to nonmilitary life.

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[Daily Mail]

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Prince Harry prepares for South Pole trek

Photo courtesy of Clarence House

Photo courtesy of Clarence House

Prince Harry will join a team of four injured British soldiers as they compete against teams from the Commonwealth and the United States in the 200-mile Walking with the Wounded charity trek. Preparing for their Sunday departure, the teams met today in Trafalgar Square in London to take a look at the trophy they are all competing for. The teams will fly on Sunday from the United Kingdom to South Africa before flying to Novolazarevskaya Station in Antarctica on November 19th. They will spend a few days there to get used to the conditions. They will then fly 87 degrees south where they will spend more time acclimatizing. Their trek to the South Pole will begin on November 30th with hopes of reaching it by December 16th. 

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