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Another York Moves to the USA!


Princess Beatrice has joined her sister, Princess Eugenie, in moving across the pond to partake in a finance course. While Eugenie is in NYC, the exact location of where Beatrice’s program is remains unknown. The move comes after sharp criticism in Britain over Beatrice’s inability to hold down a job and her never-ending holidays. Maybe she is just waiting for a ring from her long-time beau, Dave Clark?

[The Telegraph, E! Online]

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Beatrice Rings in the New Year in St. Barts

Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark rung in the New Year in St. Barts. This trip comes at the heels of a relatively busy schedule for Beatrice, who just recently wrapped up a business trip to Germany with her sister, Eugenie. The sisters are working on the Great Campaign – an initiative focused on attracting visitors, business, and students to the UK.

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[ Daily Mail ]

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The Yorks Invade NYC!

Princess Beatrice and Dave Clark joined Princess Eugenie at the Charity: Water Gala on Monday night to benefit the organization that aims to provide drinking water to the world’s population. This is the first time Bea has visited her younger sister since she moved stateside.

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[Daily Mail] [Express]

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Saturday Society Wedding Attended by Cressida, Bea, and Dave

Cressida Bonas, Princess Bearice, and Dave Clark all attended the wedding of Jake Warren– the Queen’s racing manager’s son–and Zoe Stewart on Saturday afternoon in London.

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[Daily Mail]

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Chelsy Davy Joins Princess Beatrice at Art Exhibit

On Tuesday, Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend, Dave Clark, attended a private viewing of Nikolai von Bismarck’s new photography exhibition at London’s 12 Francis Street Gallery. Prince Harry’s ex, Chelsy Davy, also attended.

Photo courtesy of Getty

Photo courtesy of Getty

Dave Clark and Chelsy Davy  (Photo courtesy of Rex)

Dave Clark and Chelsy Davy (Photo courtesy of Rex)




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Happy Birthday Princess Beatrice!

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Princess Beatrice will ring in her 25th birthday with a bash to rival all others. The 100 person guest list includes the likes of Pippa Middleton, Robbie Williams, Richard Branson, and of course members of the Royal Family. The Argentina-themed party will reportedly take place today at Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park for an evening of games to be followed by a big dinner. According to the Mail, there is also speculation that her boyfriend of six years, American,Dave Clark, may use this event to announce an engagement.

Princess Beatrice, Dave Clark  (Photos courtesy of HELLO!)

Princess Beatrice, Dave Clark
(Photos courtesy of HELLO!)


(Full Daily Mail article here)

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